A Vision Becomes Reality

by Elaine Smith

When I first fell in love with Sacred Stone Grids, nearly 20 years ago, I dreamed of a time when these patterns of crystal energies would be common place across the world.  Imagine an earth where every community had a World Peace or Unconditional Love Sacred Stone Grid set up and activated at all times.  It was a wonderful and happy vision that always brought a smile to my face.  At the time I recognized that vision as a dream with little chance of reality.  But it has always been in the back of my mind while I have gone about my work of helping clients, teaching students, writing text, developing product, and growing a business that supplies Sacred Stone Grid products internationally.

But also, over the years, I have learned that a vision that quietly runs in the back of your head, is something of great importance, of benefit to most, and is acknowledged within yourself on a spiritual level as possible, has a greater chance of becoming reality. When you add to that the absolute belief, with the absence of doubt, that your request will be heard and responded to, it usually is.  I have witnessed and heard of many things happening under these conditions that are considered miracles.

The past few months have opened my eyes to the fact that the first part of my vision is beginning to become a reality.  I no longer find myself explaining to every new client or customer what a Sacred Stone grid is.  People are finding me because they know about gridding and are seeking information about Sacred Stone Grids.  The testimonials and stories of powerful and amazing grids find my ears more often now.  New authors, some past students or readers of mine, have published books about grids.  In some circles they are becoming amazing, yet almost common place, tools for shifting energies and welcoming wonderful things into the lives of those who work with them.  People who have come before me and those new to the gridding world alike are understanding the possibilities for the future.

So I have taken my old vision out of the back closet of my mind and dusted it off.  I have refreshed a vision of grids being used to spread love and peace throughout the world.  I absolutely believe, without any doubt, that we can all tap into this energy to overcome our current problems and create a better world.  I am positive that those in other realms we all call on for help will listen and allow the miracles to happen.  Will you join me in this vision?

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