About Our Products

About Our ProductsAre you ready to shift energies, change your life, or manifest your heart’s desire?  Spirit Whisperings products have the ability to help you do all that.   They are unique and exclusive designs, handmade by a small family business in Oregon, USA.  Elaine Smith, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher began designing products for her clients and students in 1999.  A few years later she began selling these products in her local retail store.  Her products may now be found around the world in many metaphysical and New Age shops.

Chakra SpraysThe combined energies of aromatherapy, Reiki blessings, and Sacred Stone Grid activation allow these powerful sprays to open up and balance your chakras in a very quick and effective way.  Used by doctors, healers, and everyday people alike, these sprays are easy to use for an immediate balanced feeling.  Perfect for those days when you are feeling a little off and need a quick pick me up.

Mist each spray, one at a time, over your head for a quick cascade balance.  Or mist a specific spray on its intended chakra.  They can be used in many ways.  Please refer to our Chakra Activation Booklet for more suggestions.  One of Elaine’s first products, each bottle is still handmade, blessed and activated by Elaine herself.

BookOur Sacred Stone Grids book was written by Elaine for her students.  It is full of information about how to draw the grid pattern for yourself and how to create stone layouts that are powerful and effective.  Many teachers use this book to teach classes about Sacred Stone Grids.  It is also sold in stores and used as a guide for people on a self-study path.  Many of the concepts in the book were inspired from Reiki  Master Stacie Coller who developed the basic system for this work.

Our Chakra Activation Booklet offers simple and effective ways to use our Chakra Activation Sprays.

Spirit Boards and Layout CardsA Spirit Board can be made of many materials including wood, paper, plastic or cloth.  The one thing they have in common is the specific grid design, inspired from Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life, designed by Stacie and used with permission by Spirit Whisperings.  This specific pattern contains points to lay your stones on that help to combine and amplify the energy of those stones to create some amazing energy shifts.

Elaine, and now other artists such as Audrey Angel, have designed many types and colors of Spirit Boards to be used by you for many specific purposes.  Choose one of our wood boards if you want to welcome nature to your grid layout.  Want to balance a specific chakra?  We have many size choices printed in the colors of the 7 basic chakras.  One set is just the right size to fit underneath a treatment table or your bed and align with each chakra.  Some specialty ones include our Clear Intentions Spirit Board made of clear acrylic so you can slide a picture underneath that relates to the energy you want to shift.  This picture might be of a vacation you want to manifest or of a recent disaster somewhere in the world you wish to send healing to.  And Audrey keeps adding to her line of Totem Animal Spirit Boards that allow you to bring the energy of these totems to your Sacred Stone Grid Layout.  Keep checking back to see her new additions.

Layout CardsA Layout Card is like a recipe card.  Instead of using flour and spices to make cookies, this card tells you which Spirit Board, stones and/or shells to use to manifest what you want.  Pick the card which is closest to the energy you wish to shift or manifest.  The front of the card will show you a picture of the finished grid layout on the suggested Spirit Board.  It will also have an affirmation statement to say while activating your grid.  The back of the card will tell you which stones to use and where to place them.

Like most beginner cooks who follow a recipe exactly, you will probably want to create grids just like we show on the Layout Card.  As your skills increase you may want to change out a few stones or learn to create grids completely from scratch without a card.


Little Grid KitsOur award winning Little Grid Kits™ make the perfect beginning grid, travel grid, or gift.  They are a wonderful size for a small altar or to fit inside a greeting card to give for any occasion.  Each kit comes complete with a Spirit Board, stones and maybe shells, instructions and an activation affirmation.  Even a beginner will be able to create and use a grid layout.  They are available in many themes with more being added.

StonesOur stones come packaged as either a single center stone or as a set of six.  This makes them easy to purchase for the person who plans to use them in a Sacred Stone Grid.  Our stones come with a size rating them from extra small to extra large.  The smaller stones fit nicely on our smaller Spirit Boards while the larger ones will fit on our larger boards.

All our stones range in quality and are priced appropriately.  We try our best to have pictures that show the stones as accurate as possible.  Please remember that colors often differ between computers and real life.  Stones are also a natural product and each stone will differ slightly than the ones pictured.  But each is hand -picked and Reiki blessed to be an excellent addition to your Sacred Stone Grid.

ShellsOur shells come packaged as either a single center stone or as a set of six to make choosing them easy for those who wish to create Sacred Stone Grids.  Just like stones, each type of shell has its own energetic qualities.  Each was once a home to a creature that shares history and meaning with all in its lineage.  This history becomes implanted in the shell and can be felt by the energy aware long after the creature no longer needs its shell.  Shells can add a unique energy to any grid layout.

All our shell types are picked for their individual energies.  They are Reiki blessed and ready for your gridding needs.

Gift ShopOur gift shop section has a variety of hand-made artisan items.  Some are one of a kind. Many are made by local artists.  Check back often as this page is often changing.