Custom Made for You

Custom Made for YouThe best grids are ones that are made specifically for one person for a specific reason. Elaine has been creating Sacred Stone Grids just like that for nearly 20 years.  Helping people shift unwanted energies is her passion.  She offers phone consultations to create the perfect layout for you.

This session includes a 30 minute phone conversation with Elaine to determine exactly what the energies are that you want to shift. Elaine will then spend some quiet time with her guides to pick the suggested stones for your personal grid. You will then be emailed a complete list of stones, the suggested Spirit Board to use, a diagram of how to lay them out, instructions and a personalized activation statement.

Cost: $75

If you wish, we will send the stones and Spirit Board to you for an additional charge. Or use the emailed list to gather supplies from your local store.

To get started, purchase the session and email Elaine with some preferred times to schedule your phone call.