Make a Grid from Scratch

basic gridMaking your own Sacred Stone Grid™ from scratch can be as complicated or as simple as you need or want.  Even as a beginner you can be successful if you follow these simple instructions.  A working knowledge of stones and their healing energies is helpful.  If you need help in that area please refer to your choice of the many books about stone and crystal healing that are available.  There are many authors who have written wonderful books.  Pick a few that speak to you and follow their advice about stone energy.

We can easily create a Sacred Stone Grid™ layout by breaking the process down into four parts.  A Spirit Board™ creates the foundation for your layout, the center stone sets the tone, and the elements you add to the major and minor rays bring the working energies.  What are all of these things?  Let’s find out.

A Spirit Board™ is the term we use for a board, cardboard, paper or other surface that has a Flower of Life pattern drawn on it.  This pattern comes to us through the ages and contains the energy of all creation.  Each intersection of lines or circles represents a power point and is the perfect place to put stones.  Choose a board that contains an element you wish to add to your layout.  Perhaps you want wood for something natural or purple to balance your crown chakra.

basic grid 1The center stone, represented by the blue dot, is placed in the center of your Spirit Board.  It will bring the energy of the stone you choose, but the shape of the stone can also determine the use or the tone of your grid.  A clear quartz point can be used in distance healings to gather the energy of the other stones and direct that combined energy to a person or place.  A crystal cluster can act like a disco ball and shoot energy everywhere all over the room.  A simple tumbled stone gently brings the energy of that stone as a focal point for your whole layout.  Pick a center stone that will help accomplish what you want your layout to do.

basic grid 2The major ray is represented by the red dots.  Notice that the dots on the outside edge are bigger.  This is where you might place stones whose power has the best chance of shifting the energy you wish to change.  You will need six of the same stone to place one on each point represented by the large red dot.  The two sets of six smaller red dots are where you can place different sets of six stones that can help support the stones you place on the large dot.  For example:  You might use Angelite on the large red dots to help with connection to the Angels and Blue Lace Agate on one of the smaller sets of dots to support the Angelite by aiding with communication with the Angels.  Pick at least one set of six stones but no more than three sets of six stones that will help shift the energy of your main concern.

basic grid 3If you look close enough at the problem you wish to fix one can usually find a secondary issue that may get in the way of shifting that unwanted energy.  In the above example a person may have trouble accessing the Angels because they have a fear of the unknown.  This secondary issue can be dealt with by using the minor ray represented by the green dots.  Just like the major ray, the outside larger dot is the greater power point of the three. To deal with this fear of the unknown you might choose Chrysocola for the large dot to transform that fear and Black Tourmaline for protection to put on one of the smaller dot sets.  Pick at least one set of six stones and no more than three sets of six stones to place on the minor ray.

Welcome Money GridBe open to using your intuition when placing your stones.  The above rules are good to follow but do not be afraid to change them if that is what feels right to you.  Also more is not always better.  There is no need to fill every dot with stones.  Too many stones can be confusing and the meaning for your grid can get lost.  Sometimes simple really is better.  A good example of this is our “Welcome Money” grid that can be found on one of our layout cards.  We get more testimonies about how well this little layout works than from any other layout card.  Notice that it has only two types of stone and one shell.  It also lacks the major stone for the major ray.

Once you have picked your Spirit Board and the stones you will use be sure to energetically clean everything so that you are not bringing any attached energies to your grid layout.  Then lay your stones out and beam energy toward your grid from your palm chakras while you say an affirmation to activate your layout.  An activation statement for our angel example might be something like, “I activate this Sacred Stone Grid so that I am protected while I ask for guidance from the Angels.”

More information including instructions for drawing your own grid pattern can be found in Sacred Stone Grids by Elaine Smith.