Use a Layout Card

Using a Layout Cards for making a Sacred Stone Grid™ is like using a recipe card for baking a cake.  Some cooks follow a recipe exactly and make the same cake that is on the card.  Others change a few ingredients here and there to make a cake that is slightly different and is their own creation.  The same is true when using a Layout Card.  There are many themes.  Pick the one that is closest to what you want and either make it exactly like on the card or slightly change it to make it more your own.

Accept the Magic frontOn the front of each card you will find the title which will tell you what the Sacred Stone Grid can be used for.  It will have a picture of what the grid looks like when you put the stones on the correct Spirit Board.  There is also an activation affirmation on each card.  The Layout Card pictured is “Accept the Magic.”  This card might be good for someone who is tentatively learning about the Spiritual World and wants help to start exploring and accepting.  It could also be used for someone who is an experienced energy worker who just needs a little help getting over a hurdle of some kind.

Accept the Magic backOn the back of each card you will find instructions about which Spirit Board to use, which stones to use, and where to place those stones.  There will also be a small description of the reason why each stone was picked for this layout.  The back of “Accept the Magic” tells you to use an 8” Raven Spirit Board, one tumbled Labrodorite stone for the center, and sets of six Rhinoclavis shells, Pink Calcite stones, and Rainbow Moonstones for other areas of the layout.  Match the number by the stone with the number(s) on the illustration to see where to place the stones on the Raven Spirit Board.  Before setting up your layout you will need to clear the stones of any accumulated unwanted energies.

Pick a place in your home or office or anywhere that makes sense to you to set up the grid you have picked.  Put the required Spirit Board in that spot and then add the stones or shells to your layout as described on the back of your Layout Card.  Flip the Layout Card to the front so you can read the activation affirmation.  Open your hands and face your palm chakras toward your grid.  Say the affirmation to activate your grid.

Some layouts stay up and active for a short time.  Others are needed or wanted for a longer time.  If you choose to leave yours active for a longer period you will need to occasionally clean your stones, reset the grid and activate it.  When you are done with that grid and wish to deactivate it, simply gather up your stones, clean them and store them for a later use.

Pick the Layout Card that best fits your needs.  Stones may be purchased from Spirit Whisperings or from your local store.

Spirit Whisperings also has some Grid Layout Kits where we have pre-gathered the needed stones, Spirit Board and Layout Card.

More information including instructions for drawing your own grid pattern can be found in Sacred Stone Grids by Elaine Smith.