Fools Energy

by Elaine Smith

Most people grow up believing that being a fool is something negative or at least silly.  We remember our elders telling us to stop being so foolish because it can only lead to a bad future.  We needed to keep our thoughts tuned to good decisions that could guarantee a good life.  Those who kept foolish or silly thoughts were doomed to a life of failure.  Like most, I believed them and tried to keep any unconventional thoughts to myself.  When my thoughts strayed from the norm, as they often did, I thought I was banishing myself to a life of no good.  That I was being a fool.

As I grew older and began taking in more of the world I also began to question this principle of being foolish.  I learned of many risk takers from the past and in the current news who made good in some way.  There were many people over time that got in a boat and sailed away to a new and distant land.  Two brothers who thought they could fly and started a whole new world of aviation.  I heard of a couple of boys who decided to ignore the norm of college and jobs and took an idea for a computer program and grew it into a multi-billion dollar company.  In the beginning, before they became great, I am sure there were many people who called them silly or foolish.

As the idea that being foolish was a bad thing began to lose its grip on me I started relaxing back in to who I really am.  I allowed my unconventional thoughts to surface and discovered a world where following the flow of energy made more sense than the flow of material things.  A place where Spirit is available to help when asked.  Where intuition and messages guide my path more than what people think of me.  This is the world where I began to listen to and understand the messages of plants, stones and shells.  This is where I learned that information and messages can be found in Tarot.

And this is where I learned that the fool card in a tarot deck does not always represent a bad thing.  It frequently speaks of change coming, often good and fun change.  It speaks of the freedom to explore new ideas and to let go and become the fool.  It often speaks of coming from Spirit and venturing into the unknown with the faith that all will be okay.  So, on this first day of April, try embracing the energy of the fool.  Accept any tricks played on you with the wonder and play of a child.  Let the fool in you loose and see where you are lead.

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