My Favorite Stone

by Elaine Smith

Those who know me well are probably giggling right now because they know that my favorite stone is often the one I am currently working with.  How can I possible claim in writing that I have just one I like the best?  And they are right, my mind is easily changed because I like all stones.  But, without a doubt, the stone that has given the most to me and made the biggest difference in my life is chrysocolla.  We were introduced, this rock and I, at a time when I needed it the most.  I am sure that is why I felt such a drastic energy shift with I first put it in my hand.

Look at a few different crystal books and you will read about meanings such as communication, connection to Goddess, help with business dealings, inspiring creativity and many more.  But the aspect that is the most miraculous to me is chrysocolla’s ability to take all the fear, grief, anger and revengeful thoughts that are in your heart and turn them into calm, peace, love and a cool level head that can make good decisions.

Grandparents really have no legal say in what happens to their grandchildren.  Years ago my husband and myself were in danger of wrongfully loosing all contact with one of our grandchildren due to legal issues not in our control.  We knew that our wants were what was best for this child and doubted that the other side had the child’s best interests in mind.  But, as grandparents, we had little, really nothing, to legally say.  Our court date was only 3 days away and my heart was full of fear and grief and anger.  I knew that entering the court arena in this mind set would be disaster.  I needed a cool and calm head but my bag of usual tools was not helping me get there.

That is when chrysocolla introduced itself to me.  As soon as it touched my palm, wave after wave of energy shifts traveled out of my body.  Within seconds I could feel the fear and grief lifting.  So as a proper female energy healer I did what we all do and dropped my new friend in my bra right next to my heart.  We remained together every minute up to and during the court date.   The angels cradled me in their wings and held me during the trial.  My head was cool and calm and my heart full of love.  I was able to channel pure love and send it around the entire courtroom.  And the judge gave us everything we asked for because he realized it was in the child’s best interest.  That is why chrysocolla is my favorite stone.

  1. Dianna Fontes Reply

    What a beautiful story! This sounds like a stone I need in my collection as I continue to work on healing old wounds and connecting more to my spirit! Thank you for sharing this information at the most serendipitous time ❤️!

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