Old Rock Day – January 7

I love it! A day of celebration with no known origin or set rules. A quick search found some possible ideas such as a possible connection to the old Flintstone cartoons. Yet, nobody had a guess as to how long we have celebrated this unofficial day. Since we can only guess the origin of this day, we get to choose the best possible way to celebrate it. This is the perfect arena for intuitive people to play. What makes it more perfect is that it is all about rocks!

When I think of an old rock, I think of those with an element of the wisdom of the ages. My favorite way of celebrating with rocks is to include them in a Sacred Stone Grid. This year, I plan to create a grid on Old Rock Day and encourage you to play along. Here are some of the stones I will consider using:

Turritella agate: This stone contains the shells of ancient sea creatures (fossils), which definitely qualifies it for an old rock in my book. This stone promotes inner stability and adds protection to your grid. It helps to reduce fear and any bitterness or other negative energies that may be present in your life.

Stonehenge Blue Stone: Ancient Druids believed this stone to have magical healing properties. These stones come from the same quarry of blue stone that the ancients used to carve the stones at Stonehenge.

Turquoise: This is a sacred stone in many ancient cultures. Use this stone in your Sacred Stone Grid when you wish to create a protective bridge between the spirit world and the physical world. It clears communication coming from the heart and can bring peace to the home.

Rhinoclavis shell: This one isn’t a rock but I feel it carries ancient wisdom and deserves a spot on this list. Information gathered from shell whisperers claim that Rhinoclavis shells carry the wisdom of ancient mystical arts and a very long standing connection to Spirit. The wisdom of all ages; sometimes known as Little Unicorn Horns.

I am not sure which stones I will use in my grid to celebrate Old Rock Day. I am not even sure what energies I will ask to have shifted by the grid. But I am called to create a Sacred Stone Grid to celebrate this day and encourage you to do the same.

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