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Layout Cards: Use Different Rocks

Sacred Stone Grid Layout cards may be followed exactly to make the layout shown on each card or simply be used as a starting point to personalize a layout for a specific person or situation. You may substitute any stone that you feel is more appropriate for one listed on the card or add an additional stone to a layout card that has an open space.

Start by picking a card that most closely relates to the person or reason you are creating a Sacred Stone Grid layout. Note that level I cards use up to three stone types, level II cards use up to five stone types, and level III cards use up to seven stone types. If the card you choose does not use the full potential number of stones it can use there will be an easy open place to add an additional stone. In the Wedding Altar layout pictured, note that there is no #2 stone listed but the #2 place is shown in the diagram. To personalize this wedding altar layout for a specific couple you could simply choose a stone whose energy matches that of the intent you would like to add to the grid for that couple. Then add six of that stone. One stone on each of the #2 spots.

All level I and II cards and the level III cards that only use six stone types have the potential for adding more stones. Look at the diagram on one of the level III cards to note where extra stones may be placed.

Stones may also be substituted. Look over the list of stones on the card you have chosen. Do they all speak to you as being appropriate for the grid layout you want to make? Do you know of stones that will be a better choice for this particular person or situation? If yes, simply change the listed stones for ones you prefer.

No matter how you change the stones on the layout cards it is important to keep the energies of the stones from being too confusing. It is not advised to use more than the seven stone type spots shown on a level III card. When using more than 3 stone types it is important to use no more the two basic themes of the major and minor rays. More information on the rays can be found in the book, "Sacred Stone Grids" by Elaine Smith.

The most powerful grids are the ones that are changed or created for a specific person or situation. The closer you match the energies of the stones to the core issues you are wanting to change or support, the better your layout will work when it is activated.

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