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How to Pick the Right Size Stones

Because stones come from nature you can expect variations in color and size. We do our best to give accurate descriptions but please understand that each batch of stones can range greatly in size and color. And because those of us that work with Sacred Stone Grids™ buy our stones for their energies we know that color and size really does not matter anyway. It is more about how well our stones combine on the layouts we create. Spirit Whisperings works very hard to bring you the perfect stones for your creations. The following table should help you determine which size to buy.

Stone SizeBest size layout board
ChipChips are really the only size that easily fits on our mini grids but can be used on any size board. Sometimes a chip size used in a supporting spot is the perfect finish on a larger board.
SmallSmall size stones fit well on 5" boards like our Chakra Colors set or the small Baltic Birch wood board. They can also usually be used as a center stone on a mini grid or a supporting stone on a larger board.
MediumThis is the perfect size for any of the 8" layout boards. They also often fit nicely on the outer most spots or the center position of a small board.
LargeLarge stones work well on the 11" or larger boards. They can also be used on the outer most spots or the center position of an 8" board.
Extra LargeExtra large stones fit on the outer most spots of the 11" boards or as a center stone for those boards. They also fit well on our altar cloths.
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