Rose Quartz is Like a Ferret

by Elaine Smith

Like people, most animals come in to our lives for a reason.  If we listen and pay attention there is often a lesson we can learn.  That was certainly true with Aubrey, a little ferret we shared our home with for about a decade.  She taught us many things but the one lesson I remember best, and still use often, is the art of gentle, constant, persuasion.  Or you might think of it as testing the boundaries on a regular basis to see what has changed.  Or maybe using honey instead of vinegar to accomplish your goals.

Our family had never lived with a ferret before and we were just as curious about her as she was about us and this new world she now was a part of.  She kept us amazed and full of laughter as she went about her business of being ferret.  Everyone in the family was wrapped up in her love except one.  Jumper the cat could not stand to be around her and would leave any room Aubrey ventured in to.  But Aubrey looked past their differences and really wanted to be friends.  It was a battle of wills and we watched and wondered who would win.

That is when our life lesson of gentle, constant, persuasion began.  Every day Aubrey would slowly and purposely walk directly toward the cat until Jumper could just not stand it and would get up and leave.  And that was it for the day.  Aubrey would take off on her ferret runs and ignore Jumper the rest of the day.  But the next day Aubrey would get a little closer.  It might only be ½ an inch, but it would be closer. Then Jumper would get up and leave and Aubrey would ignore her the rest of the day.  It was like our ferret was giving our cat time to work out all the fears or whatever cat reasons she had for refusing these offers of friendship.  And Aubrey was willing to be very patient and give her time but kept up regular checks and persistent pressure.

It took a number of months but they eventually came to an understanding.  They could run and play but under no circumstances could they nap together.  Aubrey eventually accepted the rule of separate sleeping places and the two enjoyed years of friendship.  The Art of gentle, constant, persuasion had helped the two come to a point of understanding they could both accept.

So how is rose quartz like a ferret?  Well I can only speak to the similarities between this one ferret and the wonderful pink crystal we know as rose quartz.   Aubrey’s heart was full of love.  She treated everyone in an unconditional way.  Rose Quartz is all about unconditional love.  It is also a very gentle stone.  It is so gentle that it is sometimes hard to notice its energy.  I think of it as a long term stone.  One that you can keep in your pocket or as part of a Sacred Stone Grid for a very long time and enjoy the constant, gentle, persuasion of its love offering.

Can you imagine a world where everyone carried a rose quartz gem stone with them all the time?  Where everyone was allowed the opportunity to explore all their fears and issues ½ inch at a time?  Where we gave each other the patience and unconditional understanding to come to a point where we can all live together in love and peace?  That is a world I learned about from a little ferret and a wonderful stone.  It is where I want to live.

  1. Amanda Marcott Reply

    I love this analogy! It’s be far one of my favorite stones!!

  2. Jeanette Reply

    This was a great story. Little Aubrey sounded like a wise little soul. Awww.

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