Setting Intentions

By Elaine Smith

Most of you have heard me say that energy work is about 90% setting the intention.  And some of you then come back to me and say that when you set the intention nothing worked.  So I am thinking that a discussion about setting intentions is a good thing to encourage.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions at the end of this blog.  Let’s keep the discussion and questions going because this is an important piece of energy shifts and healing.

If setting the intention is 90% of energy work, I might add that figuring out what the intention is may be as high as 99% of setting the intention.  Let’s use an example.  A woman feels lonely so she sets an intention of finding the perfect man.  She might have a list of the qualities and looks she thinks this man should have.  Others have found the man of their dreams with this method and it should work for her also, right?  But either this man never appears or a year after he appears they experience a horrible break up and she wishes she had never found him.  What went wrong?

Instead of researching within herself the reasons why she feels lonely she simply used the method presented by society or her friends and decided she must need a man.  Getting a man became her focus.  She even detailed her want with the list of qualities she would want in a man.  But she skipped the whole first step.  Her original problem was that she was lonely and she never took time to learn more about that feeling.  If she had, she may have discovered that she only felt lonely in the evenings.  Not being a big party person she spent most evenings at home.  She had wonderful peers at work that she enjoyed throughout the work days.  Work itself kept her very fulfilled even though there were some projects she would bring home and work on in the evenings.  Weekend days were often spent exploring the city or going on daytime excursions with friends or family.  She was very happy with life – except those lonely evenings when she didn’t bring work home.

When she successfully manifested this perfect man that she thought she should need he was a blessing at first.  But he wanted a real relationship.  He expected her to spend time with him in the evenings and weekends when neither worked.  He started resenting the work she brought home and the friends and family she wanted to spend time with on weekends.  She had a hard time making time for him – except those few lonely evenings every week.   In the end she discovered that manifesting the perfect man was not the perfect solution for her.

Where did she go wrong?  She neglected to put time and effect into figuring out what her intention really was.  Spending time meditating, talking with friends, maybe working with a therapist could have given her a better direction.  Taking the time to work this through could have helped her realize that she didn’t want to feel lonely but that she also did not want to give up any part of this wonderful life she already had.  Getting to know what she did and did not want on a very deep and personal level would help her to set the simple intention of “I feel fulfilled at all times and am open to what that means”.   She could create a Sacred Stone Grid about that intention, set it up, activate it and go about life content to see what may come.

What does Spirit send her?  Maybe it is a puppy and a next door neighbor who is able to puppy sit when needed.  Maybe it is a new group of friends who play card games in the evenings or are in a book club.  Maybe it is a man who is also too busy for a relationship but they develop a wonderful friends with benefits relationship.  Maybe she gets to learn new things about herself and learns she can be content and fulfilled and happy when she is alone.

The idea is not to jump to quick conclusions or make complicated goal lists to map out exactly what steps are needed to get your desires.  It is simply to learn as best you can what you really desire or need.  Ask for it in simple terms.  Let it go. Then let Spirit provide.

  1. Sharleen Reply

    I like the flexibility and keeping an open mind by setting an intention. This approach helps people redirect their focus in the right direction.

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