Soul Retrieval Grid

Many of you have often heard me say that the best grids are the ones that are intentionally made for a specific person for a specific reason.  And that is true.  But sometimes one is made that connects so well with so many people that they each feel it was made just for them.  That seems to be the case with our new Reclaim Who I Am Sacred Stone Grid.  My intention was to design a layout that would appeal to many people so it could be featured on one of our new layout cards.  But by the time I was done I was convinced that it was just for me.  I set it up in my home and it almost never became a layout card for our customers to use.

A strong connection was there as soon as I finished activating my new grid.  It was one of the strongest connections I have ever felt with a grid.  Yet, I did not notice any immediate shifts or changes.  It took a week or two before I started noticing how I was reacting or rather, not reacting, to certain situations.  Memories of some recent emotional hurts resurfaced.  I thought I had dealt with them, but obviously not.  Layers of the pain were still there and I could see how I was still reacting to it.  I believe the ideal situation is to keep the memory of the pain so you can keep the lessons learned.  But there is a big need to release the “zing” one feels with the memory.  There is a need to release the pain.  Often this means you have left a bit of your soul out there in the ethers when the event happened and that bit of yourself can’t find its way back.  If you keep the pain there is no room for the bits of yourself to come back into your body.

Over the next few weeks I experienced an intense, but very gentle, soul retrieval.  I was able to find that piece I left behind somewhere when someone I thought was a friend turned against me.  And that large chunk that got misplaced when one of my kids was wrongly accused and I witnessed the anguish she went through.  Those and many other pieces began floating back to be part of me as the zings of pain finally left.  I am now able to think of those situations with grace and love and I am reacting very differently.

I should introduce you to the heroes of this grid.  Sundial and black terebra shells carry the main energies that make this grid work.  It is the first grid where I have ever paired them up.  The sundial shell helps to shield you from those bright and shiny objects that keep you from your goal.  It helps to center you and draws you into yourself so you can take a good look.  Black terebra does just the opposite.  Think of it like a little rocket that you climb into like a luge sled at the winter Olympics.  Your feet go into the point and you lay back with your head up just enough to see where you are going.  Then you can whosh off into the ethers as fast and as far as you need to go.  From there you can see the bigger picture of your life and how you and others react.  There you can find the bits of your soul that have been lost.

And I discovered one more thing.  This Sacred Stone Grid layout is not just for me.  Family and friends kept commenting on and talking about the grid as they passed it in my home.  Clearly this grid was speaking loud and clear and saying that it can help the many, not just me.  So it has become one of the most requested layout cards in of our line of new cards.

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