Thin or Thick, Which is Best?

by Elaine Smith

One of my favorite things is to ask people their opinions about things and hear the variety of answers they come up with.  We are all so wonderfully different and I always learn new things.  So we asked a simple question of our customers this year while in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral show.  We introduced our new thin lined wood Spirit Boards and wanted to know which they liked best – new thin or original thick.  The answers intrigued us enough that we formed a simple survey we could send out over email and facebook to get more opinions.  This is what we found out.

When asked in person, when it is easier to just talk and answer any way you like, it is split about 50/50 between thick and thin.  Many voted that they liked both for different reasons and some just could not make up their minds.  But when asked with our online survey where they only had the two choices, 75% preferred the thin line and 25% picked the thick.  Many, however, used the comment box to say they liked both and to talk about their reasons.

The main reason people like the thick lines is that there is enough of a groove formed by the line that it helps rounded rocks stay put and not roll all over.  The main reason people prefer the thin lines is the Spirit Boards look cleaner and more precise.  But some took the time to give us answers that are much more in depth.  While nobody used the words Yin and Yang, many answers seemed to reflect that energy and saw the grids working in pairs.  Words like masculine, sturdy, heavy were used for the wide lines and clean, gentle, precise for the thin lines.

I like the words of one respondent, “my vote goes for the new thin line one just because it reminds me that energy connections are not always thick (or strong) lines and the patterns of life are not always recognized as strong connections. Yet I do not have a dislike of the thick line spirit board. In fact the thick is a reminder that patterns of life can be strengthened.”

Many commented that they like the natural feel of our wood Spirit Boards as there are no paints or varnishes or artificial backings to get in the way of the natural wood energy.

All in all it was a great learning experience to hear how our customers view and use our Spirit Boards.  I hope this information proves just as interesting to our readers.

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