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Sacred Stone Grid Layout - The True Story

A year ago I was ready to die. There was no diagnosis of a terminal illness, nor major accident or old age. There was just a tiredness of life and life stresses that had become a burden. To clarify, I did not know I had decided to start to die. I was just aware of some health issues that were getting out of hand and the burden of financial debt brought on by a recession that was putting many of my peers out of business. Some family issues added to the stress. I knew I was not happy and needed a change. The realization that I was dying came after I created the Health, Wealth, Break Old Habits Sacred Stone Grid layout. The story of how this layout helped me to decide to live, and live well, is the story I would like to share with you.

It took me three days to pick the right stones for this grid. Considering that most of the layouts I create are done in less than an hour, three days is a long time. I was in such a state of stress that I was simply not open enough to learn what I needed. So I just kept focusing on a happier life with better health and less debt and kept slowing adding to the layout until I knew it was complete. The stones were picked with a combination of listening to my guides and with the help of The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons. There is an index in the back of his book that is very helpful.

The stones and board I picked are:

Board: Black laminate with copper lines to encourage a clear connection with my shadow side where sabotagers of health and overeating may be stored.

Astrophyllite* to activate my entire chakra system and bring myself into alignment with my inner purpose. To reduce symptoms of depression and overeating.

Clear calcite to reduce any tension around this process. To heal my eyes so that I may clearly see a path to health. To forgive myself for past wrongs.

Green calcite to assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems. To transition from a stagnant to a positive environment and restore balance to my mind. To bring money and prosperity.

Unakite to relieve obsessions and compulsions. To communicate with unborn creative projects that will give me reason to change habits and to create health and wealth.

Carnelian to give courage to take major action for my health and transformation. To help with breaking hurtful physical habits. To awaken the lower three chakras.

It became clear that this layout needed to be an elixir layout. I put a piece of clear quartz in a glass cup with water to gather the energy of the grid and infuse it into the water. The glass was elevated over the center stone with the help of a stand. Once ready I activated the grid with these words, "I activate this grid to gather the power and strength of these stones to infuse water for a daily elixir that will assist my path to health and wealth." My intent had been to drink the elixir once a day but it soon became clear I needed to drink it morning and night.

Wow! I was not prepared for what happened. I began to realize that, as a light worker, how much time I spent avoiding my shadow side. The energy of this grid dropped me into the center of these issues I had been ignoring and forced me to take an honest assessment of where I stood. I found this to be a very uncomfortable and unfamiliar place. This was when I realized that I had been preparing myself to die. That got my attention! No amount of stress and problems is worth that decision. To clarify, I was not thinking suicide or anything like that. I was simply allowing myself to slip into a very unhealthy state and was welcoming what the outcome might be. Scary! While wallowing around in this shadow side I also realized some old belief patterns that were keeping my bank account from being healthy.

A few days later, when I surfaced from this uncomfortable place, I began to realize some changes that were happening. That energetic ripple effect that can happen with the change of a thought process is amazing to me. Other people feel it and are attracted to it. One such person was Jeff Baker, a medical intuitive who contacted our Healing Arts center "out of the blue" and booked in at the last minute for an engagement. While there, he gave me a hug, looked straight into my eyes, and said, "You are too important to the changes occurring right now. We need everyone like you on the earth right now and you can not make the decision to die." Confirmation of what I had just learned about myself.

From there I became more open to things that would bring me health and wealth. New people, or ideas, or products that could help kept flowing into my life. I decided to live and be well and happy and out of debt. Today, just over a year later, I can report that my health is much improved, my business is expanding, and that I am, for the most part, out of debt. A very different, happier, place.

*Note: Those who are following the layout card for this grid will notice that this stone was changed to black obsidian for the card. This was done to make the stones on the card easier for most people to find. Many people have used this layout with obsidian instead of Astrophyllite and have reported good results.

Health, Wealth, Break Old Habits Sacred Stone Layout Card

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