Find a Sacred Stone Grid Teacher Near You

Teachers located on this page have successfully completed classes and passed a test to become a Certified Sacred Stone Grid teacher.  Your teacher has agreed to supply you with a book or class text created by Spirit Whisperings specifically for learning about creating stone grid layouts.  Teachers will cover all areas of this text but are also free to add additional information that they feel is interesting and worthy of being included in your class.  Please contact the teachers in your area for information on upcoming classes.

Spirit Whisperings makes no claims other than the above statement and does not guarantee your class in any way.  Your teacher carries the sole responsibility of all aspects and any compliments or disputes need to be directed to your teacher.  We do, however, welcome your comments, questions or wonderful testimonials that you wish to share with us.

Please check back often as new teachers are in the process of becoming certified.

Colorado, USA
Patricia Autry, BS, CNC
Aurora, CO
720-287-0752(H) 720-485-8329(C)
Patricia will travel to teach. Please contact for more information.

Connecticut, USA
JoAnn Fava
Danbury, CT

Illinois, USA
Karen Sinclair, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Primus Activation Healing Practitioner
Momence, IL
Karen will travel to teach. Please contact for more information.

Montana, USA
Cheryl Berry
Bozeman, MT
Main venue – A Soul’s Own Place

Oregon, USA
Elaine Smith, LMT, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Owner and Intuitive Designer of Spirit Whisperings
Hillsboro, OR
Elaine will travel to teach.  Please contact for more information.

Washington, USA
Jason Patterson, LMP, MA-Ed
Seattle, WA
Jason will travel to teach. Please contact for more information.