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Make It Your Own

Simple Changes for a Powerful Shift by Elaine Smith The most amazing and powerful Sacred Stone Grids are the ones that are created for a specific person and for a specific reason.  They are even better when you manage to really get to the core of your issue and pick the right stones a
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Angel Love Shells

I was in a car wreck a few years back that totaled my car but didn’t total me.  I remember everything seemed to be moving in slow motion just before we collided.  But I especially remembered the feeling of being cradled in a bed of angel wings and knowing that I would be okay. 
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Fluorite for Birthing?

“I can’t let it go” says my daughter as another pain shoots across her back.  We are in the office of my healing arts center and I am showing her our newest shipment of fluorite natural stones.  Other members of our family are setting up in the back parking lot for a
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